HTC Hero shortages at T-Mobile across the country

HTC Hero shortages at T-Mobile across the country

Demand for the HTC Hero (G2) is outgrowing supply in T-Mobile stores across the country. 

Stores in London, Bristol, Bath and Manchester have sold out of the handset and are waiting for stock to be replenished this week.
Staff are telling customers they can give their details and will be informed when the handset is delivered. 

One T-Mobile staffer said: ‘All the Manchester stores are waiting for them, we’ve been getting six or seven in and they have been going out the same day. We haven’t got enough to supply demand.’

Other stores have only one or two left in stock and were not sure when the next delivery would be made and how many handsets would come through.
Orange and Phones 4u stores are not suffering from the same levels of stock shortage, but said the phone was selling well.

Written by Mobile Today
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