Spinvox director leaves company

Spinvox director leaves company

A director of Spinvox, Patricia Russo, former Alcatel-Lucent CEO, has left the voice-to-text message company after only a few months.

According to reports, Russo joined the company in early June and left the company a few days ago.

The troubled start-up company has been in the spotlight for the last few months due to allegations of financial misconduct, mistreatment of staff and disputes over the technology that it uses to provide the service.

Spinvox is a company that converts voicemail into text messages and emails, using a voice message conversion system.

However, there have been claims that employees in call centres are listening to voicemail and manually transcribing it.

Earlier this month, the company showed journalists its technology to counter the claims.

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Spinvox aren't having much luck, are they!
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