Vodafone to launch converged services offering

Vodafone to launch converged services offering


Vodafone is planning a comprehensive services offering called ‘Vodafone People’, according to reports.

The service will integrate social network messaging, and offerings such as backups, sync, maps and app downloads.

Reports suggested that Vodafone people will bring together messaging including SMS, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and IM services, into a contact-centric user interface.

Last week, Orange released a similar service, called ‘Social Life’, which brings together activity on Facebook, MySpace and Bebo into one central interface, and one single login, accessible via the Orange World portal.

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Now Vodafone People sounds great but how does it compare with Vodafone 360?
Sounds like a bit like what Nokia are trying to do with Ovi. Integrated messages from the various social media sites are the way forward for me, b ...
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