Vodafone announces broadband speed upgrade to 14.4 Mbps

Vodafone announces broadband speed upgrade to 14.4 Mbps

Vodafone will be offering an enhanced mobile broadband network in areas where there is the highest demand.

The upgrade will allow users of the operator’s mobile broadband service access to speeds of 14.4 Mbps.

The network upgrade has already been carried out in London, Manchester and Birmingham, where the network said there is a high demand. It will now continue to roll out across the UK.

The operator claims the upgrade to the network will ultimately benefit 80% of Vodafone data card, dongle and 3G handset users.

The company is currently pushing in the mobile broadband sector and will be announcing further products and devices later this year.

Vodafone UK, chief technology officer, Jeni Mundy, said: ‘Today’s network upgrade means customers can be reassured we’re consistently enhancing the quality of our network in response to demand.’

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