Concerns as Vodafone system crashes again

Concerns as Vodafone system crashes again

Vodafone retail staff have voiced concerns over problems with internal systems after a series of technical problems. 

The system last went down across the entire retail estate on 5 September, forcing staff to ask customers to come back later in the day. 

Staffers have blamed the system crashes, which have occurred several times in recent months, on a change made by Vodafone over a year ago.

The operator’s contingency plans in place for when the system goes down have prompted staff to express concerns over box breaking.

One London staffer said: ‘The contingency plan makes a bit of a difference, but there could be a problem with box breaking.

‘People can buy a £50 phone, which is worth £40 and meant to have £10 worth of top-up, but they can buy it without the credit when the system is down.’

The change from previous system Gemini, to Vodafone’s latest internal system – Frontier – was understood to have been a measure taken by the operator to gain more control over the way contracts and top-ups are connected. 

However, one staffer said: ‘It was definitely a money saving measure and this system is a lot more prone to crashing than the old one.’

The staffer added: ‘The internal internet went down on Saturday, so we could print top-up vouchers but couldn’t put them on the network.’

Staff said the system went down for ‘the whole day’ around one month ago.
When the system crashes, retail staff are sent a text on the store phone
and are then given regular 30 minute updates.

A Vodafone spokeswoman said: 'It was a technical glitch which temporarily halted top-ups and upgrades.'

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