Orange T-Mobile merger to create multiple brands

Orange T-Mobile merger to create multiple brands


The Orange and T-Mobile merger could create multiple ‘umbrella’ brands with a ‘powered by Orange and T-Mobile’ sub-brand, chiefs of both companies told Mobile.


Orange CEO Tom Alexander and T-Mobile MD Richard Moat told Mobile today (9 September) that they had discussed the idea of a ‘powered by’ branding to take the merged business forward.


Moat said: ‘There will be a period until the signing and going to the competition authorities. Then the brands in will run in parallel, and then new brands will be created. Tom and I have discussed a "powered by" brand to take the business forward.’


Alexander added: ‘The objective of this is to get a good customer experience. That’s why we are looking at a “powered by” umbrella brand or sub-brand that will come through to Orange and T-Mobile. There will be more than one umbrella brand.’


The duo outlined their intentions to have the best 3G and 2G network in the UK, with lower costs passed onto consumers.


Alexander said: ‘What we are looking at doing is giving customers better service and better costs. We will have a much better network and this will give us scale.’


The two companies announced they would merge to become the UK’s largest mobile operator, with 37% market share, yesterday (8 September).



Talking point: How will the umbrella brands work? Perhaps the companies will separate broadband/mobile with different branding? What will the new brand name/s be?

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