Report calls on operators to test handsets more rigorously

Report calls on operators to test handsets more rigorously


Most mobile phone customers buy their handsets ‘in the dark’ without any real knowledge of how well their phones actually work in practice, according to a new report by Mobile Test Labs into the performance of six smartphones.

The report, All Phones Are Not Created Equal, written by Steve Broadhead of Broadband-Testing, with contributions from Dean Bubley, analyst with Disruptive Analysis, argues that the current European certification and type approval process is no longer enough.

It claims that more specific tests are needed to determine how well a handset performs in a range of everyday environments. Some US operators, such as Verizon Wireless and AT&T, have already introduced their own performance certification process in the absence of any national set of standards.

The report says that despite the rise of mobile broadband and other forms of wireless data service, ordinary voice services still account for the bulk of most operators’ revenues. It suggests that if something goes wrong with telephoning, most people are likely to blame the network or operator, rather than the phone.

Hence, it is in the operator’s interest to ensure a more rigorous testing process before putting handsets out into the market.

It goes on to say that it would be a mistake to think that there is no reason to innovate around the ‘voice’ product, as phone calls have hardly changed in 100 years.

Instead, the rise of what might be called Mobile Voice 2.0, using techniques like speech recognition for mobile banking, for example, may mean voice starts to become a platform for a whole range of new services and revenue streams.

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