Buyers circle struggling Spinvox

Buyers circle struggling Spinvox

Nokia, RIM and Ericsson have been tipped as potential bidders for Spinvox, the troubled voice to text firm.

The sale of Spinvox was revealed last week by Invesco Perpetual in its annual financial report. The investor also revealed it had written down its £759,000 investment in Spinvox by 90%, to £76,000.

Industry analysts said a number of potential buyers could be circling the
struggling firm.

John Strand of Strand Consults said: ‘There is a lot of consolidation going on and no doubt players like Spinvox are typical acquisition targets. They have an interesting technology and a nice user base, and different players will be interested.’

Strand said names in the frame include Nokia, Nokia Siemens, Alcatel Solutions, Ericsson and even RIM.

Strategy Analytics senior analyst Nitesh Patel said if Spinvox could dispel concerns raised this summer over its technology, it could attract serious interest. ‘It has deals with major operators such as Vodafone, so it is quite an interesting proposition.’

Both Spinvox and Invesco Perpetual declined to comment.

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Usually not a good sign when a company is publically put up for sale and has to tell the media who should be interested. SpinVox has a few worthless c ...
But it does have a deal with Vodafone Spain. I think that is the deal Patel refers to.
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