Vodafone announces new marketing strategy alongside app store

Vodafone announces new marketing strategy alongside app store

Vodafone has unveiled plans to re-vamp its global brand and drop the tagline ‘make the most of now’, replacing it with ‘power to you’.

The changes being implemented are hoped to make the company more ‘customer focussed’. Chief executive of the Vodafone group, Vittorio Coalo (pictured), said that the company wants to listen to its customers rather than telling them what to do.

The move by the operator is thought to be an attempt to keep an ongoing relationship with its customers, something it stresses as being more important than the relationship between customers and manufacturers.

Vodafone will also be launching a social networking service to replace Vodafone Live the online service provider it launched in 2002.

The new service, Vodafone 360, will be unveiled later this week and will integrate social networks and includes an app store.

The new application store will be seen as an attempt to rival Apple and Google app stores. Vodafone 360 will allow customers to buy applications and charge the cost to their phone bill, which no other app store offers at the moment.

Meanwhile, last month the company recruited Wendy Becker former mangaging director of Talk Talk as chief marketing officer to replace Frank Rovekamp.

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