T-Mobile launches prepay broadband portal

T-Mobile launches prepay broadband portal

T-Mobile has launched a new portal for its mobile broadband users, following complaints that the prepay service lacked pricing clarity.

The new portal (pictured) will load up when a customer accesses the internet via a dongle, allowing them to choose prepay data plans, top up credit or check their data usage.

The landing page was developed following complaints from customers, who were confused over a lack of options when choosing a prepay price plan.

Previously, prepay customers had to text a subscription number to register for a broadband package – as instructed in the Sim booklet. However, if customers overlooked this information and failed to register, they would be charged £2 per day for the service.

The network’s mobile broadband proposition manager, Ralf Pearson, said: ‘Our mobile broadband packages have changed. We have launched a new landing page, where customers are forced to choose a week, day or month option.’

Pearson admitted that customer confusion was ‘why we introduced this’.

He added that while some of T-Mobile’s old customers have been moved to the new experience automatically, others will need to ask to be moved.

The newer dongles are updated and will receive automatic software updates. They will also be able to reach HSDPA ‘high speeds’ on prepay for the first time.

For those dongles that are not updated, help will be available on ‘broadband help’ on the T-Mobile website.

Meanwhile, the operator has launched two new pay as you go internet deals alongside three customised USB sticks (see box).

The company is now allowing customers to buy several months of web access at any one time, as well as the usual daily and weekly offers.

Pearson said: ‘Obviously, T-Mobile’s core differentiator of being the only operator to provide a fixed fee service still applies.’

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