Rivals plot challenge to Vodafone 360

Rivals plot challenge to Vodafone 360

Competitors are hot on the heels of the Vodafone 360, with other operators close to launching similar services, according to IDC analyst Jonathan Arber.

The Vodafone 360, launched this week, integrates a host of social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, and includes an app store that Vodafone aims to make available to its 315 million global customers.

Unlike Nokia’s Share on Ovi, Vodafone 360 is not a new social network. Instead it allows users to bring together contacts and content from their existing social networks, and to share content to these networks.

Arber commented:  ‘This focus on enhancing, rather than replacing, customers' social networks and services is something we expect to see more of  from other operators in the coming months.’

Arber said competing services were in development but declined to say which operators were developing them.

Arber said the move allows Vodafone to use its network assets to pull in new customers from ‘a rapidly growing’ demographic of twenty-something consumers using their mobiles to access social networking sites.

‘It’s not new but it is a refinement which pushes up to the next level and which will incorporate other social networks, allowing it to lock in new and existing customers.’

However Arber said Vodafone faces a tough challenge. He commented: ‘The question is whether consumers will consider the enhanced Vodafone 360 experience enough reason to choose a Vodafone handset over the current "hot" devices. Given the increasingly fierce competition in the mid-to-high end touchscreen space, we think Vodafone will have something of a fight on its hands.’

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