EU body calls for health warnings on handsets

EU body calls for health warnings on handsets

Growing evidence that mobile phone use is linked to brain cancer can no longer be ignored by the mobile phone industry, the European Environment Agency (EEA) said last week.

The EEA is calling on the mobile phone industry to design handsets that generate less radiation and for mobile phones to carry health warnings.

The agency also wants governments to review electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure limits and to impose a ‘small levy’ on the sale or use of mobile phones to fund further research into potential hazards.

EEA executive director Jacquie McGlade said: ‘The evidence for a head tumour risk from mobile phones, although still very limited and much contested, is unfortunately stronger than two years ago.’

In a paper presented to a conference on mobile phones and health in the US last week, McGlade said children and adults with reduced immune systems were at most risk, on the available evidence.

EEA senior adviser David Gee told Mobile: ‘We are not advocating that mobile phones be banned. They are here to stay and have very valuable uses, but we are urging governments, the mobile phone industry and users to take precautionary action on the basis of available evidence.’

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