Carphone Warehouse staff worry over TalkTalk targets

Carphone Warehouse staff worry over TalkTalk targets

Carphone Warehouse retail staff are being asked to sell TalkTalk broadband despite concerns about the capacity for new connections. 

Staff have raised concerns over what they are being asked to sell. Some reported that there is only a limited amount of capacity available for new broadband connections via telephone exchanges.

One staffer said: ‘The local telephone exchanges are full and can only accept a customer when another leaves. The exchanges don’t have the equipment and can only handle so many connections. It seems like they have knocked capital expenditure on the head.’

Customers who wish to cancel a broadband package face a £70 disconnection charge that is part of the contract.

However, other employees said they believed investment in the broadband infrastructure might happen soon. 

A retail staffer added: ‘We have had quite a few customers asking for broadband recently because it is getting so much cheaper. They should be installing some new exchanges some time next year. ’

A Carphone spokesman said: ‘There are a small number of exchanges that are at or near capacity. We are in the middle of providing additional capacity to ensure we can cater for the large number of customers wanting to sign up to TalkTalk every day.’

Separately, TalkTalk is to introduce parental controls on broadband connections that will allow parents to block access to certain sites.

The plan is to introduce film-style classifications with a range of certifications including U, 14, 18 or unclassified.

Carphone CEO Charles Dunstone explained that the service will help the ‘content industry’ tackle filesharing and safeguard children.

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