Sony Ericsson sees dip in market share after slow start to 2009

Sony Ericsson sees dip in market share after slow start to 2009

Sony Ericsson’s move into the high end has seen its market share drop in recent months, after only one ‘significant’ handset release, the W995.

Industry sources said the manufacturer’s share had fallen from around 21% to 15% in recent months.

The news has coincided with the release of the Satio (pictured) in Carphone Warehouse today (8 October, see below), and the Aino – due out next week.

Sources at Sony Ericsson said the manufacturer was placing its hopes on the Satio to claw back share after a slow first six months in 2009.

‘Flagship’ phone the Satio is a touch-screen with a 12-megapixel camera and a Walkman, and the Aino phone allows users to access media content from a PlayStation3 console while on the move. Meanwhile, the Yari, another high-end handset soon to be released from Sony Ericsson, contains a Nintendo Wii-like sensor for gaming.

 Last month, Sony Ericsson announced an image overhaul that saw it move closer to parent company Sony, with joint branding ‘Make.believe’.

The move included a revamp of Sony Ericsson’s website and its ‘liquid logo’ alongside a massive marketing campaign.

The manufacturer said the move signalled a refocus of its efforts at the high end of the market. It had originally revealed its ‘Entertainment Unlimited’ offering at Mobile World Congress in February this year, as it looked to move away from Sony’s Cyber-shot and Walkman brands.

The Sony brands will still be used on some mid-range phones, but the new, flagship high-end models, the Satio, Aino and Yari, will sit under the ‘Entertainment Unlimited’ header.

Sony Ericsson has struggled over the last year due to returns issues, a lack of handset releases, and a £293m loss for the first quarter, as demand for its handsets fell by around 35%. It will report its financial results on 16 October.

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