Carphone trials matching staff numbers to customer demand

Carphone trials matching staff numbers to customer demand

Carphone Warehouse has begun trials at 20 stores to try and match staffing levels to customer demand throughout the day.

The company is working with leading workforce management consultant Kronos for the trial. Staff will clock in and out, so their availability can be assessed, while counters on the door will capture how many customers come into the stores and when.

Once staff and customer time and attendance figures have been measured and analysed, local managers will be able to draw up schedules so that each store has the right staffing levels to meet the troughs and peaks in customer demand.

Carphone’s UK sales & customer director Steve Blan told Mobile: ‘This is not about redundancies or trying to save money. It’s entirely about improving customer service. We have got the buy-in from the managers and the store staff for this.’

Blan explained: ‘If you have three staff in at 9am, but only get five customers before 11am, that’s not efficient. Conversely, if there is only one member of staff available at lunchtime when lots of customers come in, then that is not a good experience for the customer. So the aim of the trial is to work out how to get the right number of staff available for when customers need them.’

The company said it was too early yet to say whether the trial would be rolled out to other stores.

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