RIM launches Vodafone exclusive handset Storm 2

RIM launches Vodafone exclusive handset Storm 2

RIM made its second major foray into the touch-screen market with the launch of its Vodafone-exclusive handset, the Storm 2, on Thursday (15 October).

The Canadian manufacturer will be hoping the sequel outperforms its predecessor, which suffered teething problems with software that
led to a high returns rate before the issues were eventually ironed out.

The original Storm, also a Vodafone exclusive, was criticised for its lack of Wi-Fi capabilities and the latest device addresses this issue. The touch-screen, which also drew complaints, has been upgraded.

The Storm 2 is expected to be available for free on £30 long-term contracts and is due to hit shelves imminently.

It is not known which independent retailers will offer the Storm 2; however, its predecessor was exclusive to Phones 4u.

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CPW and Phones4u will also stock it. But im not sure on which network as i have heard Voda only has it exclusively for 3 weeks!
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