UK business suffers from poor network coverage

UK business suffers from poor network coverage

Network operators are struggling to cope with the rise of mobile phone use at work, with over 60% of business users complaining of poor mobile service in their workplace.

The survey, carried out by wireless communications expert ADC, revealed that 60.8% of mobile phone users rely on their mobile for their job, while 38.5% stated that this was their primary work phone. However, almost two thirds of respondents complained of less than perfect mobile service in their workplace and 27.6% said their work had suffered due to poor reception.

John Spindler, VP of product management at ADC said: ‘Poor inbuilding coverage is nothing new and with an increasing amount of mobile use taking place indoors, finding a solution to this problem is long overdue.’

Problems reported in the survey include poor voice quality (48.7%), dropped calls (31.2%) and an inability to place calls even when the device showed adequate signal (33.3%). Another 21.7% experienced slow data rates when accessing the mobile web.

ADC said it has witnessed a significant growth in demand for its indoor antenna systems which are linked to signal base stations and not reliant on outdoor signals.

 Tony Lefebvre, ADC director of product management said: ‘Operators are looking for a solution to these problems. We are doing significant business with inbuilding antenna systems world wide, particularly with large corporations or public venues such as sports stadia or airports and hospitals.’

Lefebvre declined to disclose figures but said: ‘It is a sector which is growing significantly for us and is expected to continue to grow even more as we move to the use of 4G data.’

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