Study linking mobile use to cancer dismissed by manufacturers

Study linking mobile use to cancer dismissed by manufacturers

Mobile phone manufacturers remained defiant in the face of preliminary findings from a major health study linking brain cancers to long-term mobile phone use this week.

The Interphone study, overseen by the World Health Organisation, is the biggest study yet into whether mobile phone use increases the risk of developing head and neck tumours.

Preliminary results indicate increased risk among long-term users, prompting calls from researchers to limit childrens’ use of mobile phones.

However, the Mobile Manufacturers Forum, one of the study’s funders, dismissed the findings.

In a statement, Forum secretary general Michael Milligan said researchers on the study were claiming there is ‘absolutely no information circulating at the moment that is accurate and correct with respects to the results of that study’.

He insisted conclusions ‘could only be drawn when the pooled analysis of the full international data is published in its entirety’.

However, Dr Siegal Sadetzki, one of the 13-nation team of researchers, said: ‘Most studies, including ours, show something happening in long-term users. Why shouldn’t we take some simple measures to limit exposure just to be on the safe side?’ 

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