TMTI founder launches new video company

TMTI founder launches new video company

 The founder of the technology assistance company, Talk Me Through It (TMTI), will be launching a new company in November.

Crispin Thomas’ new venture, ‘DemoDone’, is a corporate video production company that will charge its customers on the number of ‘plays’ rather than the cost of production.

Video clips made by DemoDone will be uploaded on to websites and then monitored by an independent stats system.

Customers of the video company will be charged 20p per view for the first 10,000 times the video is watched and then charged 5p per view after. The two companies will negotiate a financial cap on the videos.

If views to the value of £1,000 have not been delivered to DemoDone within six months, £1,000 nominal charge will apply.

Founder of DemoDone, Crispin Thomas, said: ‘We've taken the Adwords model and applied it to video and early feedback we've received from companies is that they love the DemoDone concept. If the internet had the bandwidth when we all made our websites we would have had a film made. It’s the only really effective way to get your message across. You can view clips at

‘Studies have shown that online videos are a superb way of connecting companies with their clients and customers and, now that internet band widths have increased, DemoDone online clips are a low cost way of getting something that's very effective.’

Crispin Thomas is a former Carphone Group exec, while TMTI provides customer support to a number of companies in the industry.

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