Ofcom reviews premium rate service

Ofcom reviews premium rate service

Ofcom has published a review of premium rate services (PRS) in the run-up to one of its agencies, PhonepayPlus, reviewing its code of practice. 

It reiterates previous recommendations including: service providers registering with PhonepayPlus before offering services, creating a minimum standard for handling complaints and strengthening the wording of advertising of PRS on mobiles on TV.

In a statement, PhonepayPlus welcomed the recommendations, and said: ‘PhonepayPlus agrees that these measures, implemented carefully, could bring significant improvements to PRS regulation. It intends to work closely with the PRS industry to ensure any changes to the regulatory framework are effective and proportionate.’

The review concluded that PhonepayPlus is functioning well, but ‘there is the potential to refine the existing regulatory framework in order to better protect consumers’.

As part of the consultation and review, Ofcom suggested PRS advertising should contain the maximum charge a user could face.

However, the suggestion received strong opposition and Ofcom has now admitted it is unworkable. 

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