Vodafone stalks Orange staff

Vodafone stalks Orange staff

Vodafone is bringing a provocative recruitment campaign to Orange’s front door which plays on Orange staff's fears of the imminent Orange/T-Mobile merger.

Bemused staff arriving for work at Orange's Bristol headquarters yesterday morning were confronted by a Vodafone recruitment ad van parked right outside the HQ's main entrance.

The ad van’s hoarding shows a woman, roller brush in hand, pondering the colours orange and pink - the respective colours of Orange and T-Mobile. A slogan asks: ‘Need another option? See Red’. A contact number and recruitment website address are emblazoned below.

The van had parked outside Orange's Bristol HQ in the early hours of the morning. Despite their best efforts Orange security staff could not force the ad van to move on, as it was legally parked on a public highway.

The ad vans are part of a cheeky Vodafone recruitment campaign called 'See Red'. On Vodafone’s website the campaign is depicted by two cakes on a shelf – one with orange icing, the other pink. A hand dithers over both cakes above the same slogan: 'Need another option? See Red.' A click on the 'Retail Opportunities' button brings up a page which asks viewers: ‘So why change who you are just because your company is changing direction?’

A Vodafone spokesman declined to discuss the ad campaign in detail. He said: ‘We've always had a steady interest from people within the industry to join Vodafone and it's in our interest to attract the best people in the industry in order to continue delivering best possible services to our customers."

An Orange spokesman said: 'We are aware of these tactics. As Vodafone acknowledges, we have the best people in the industry and so we can understand why Vodafone would want to try and steal them from us. It is a cheap tactic but we are not surprised.'

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