JAG franchisee vanishes owing £9,000 in stock

JAG franchisee vanishes owing £9,000 in stock

A Somerset based JAG franchisee has left the company owing an alleged £9,000, after taking all the stock from the store he managed.

Tom Barrington had been running a franchise in Minehead since July 2009 and his partner had been responsible for the Taunton store.

Several weeks ago, Barrington raised a number of issues he had with the Minehead franchise and was subsequently moved to help his partner with the management of the Taunton franchise.

Barrington and his partner left the company suddenly after the changes had taken place, and JAG discovered all the stock in the Minehead store had been taken.

JAG MD John George (pictured) said: ‘About two or three weeks ago, he [Barrington] phoned someone on the Friday. He couldn’t afford to pay us in the Minehead store so we moved him to the Taunton store.

‘We’ve now got the police trying to track him down because they took all the stock off the shelf. It’s your worst nightmare if someone does that because we have been allowing them to buy on Epay, where they pay 48 hours later. We’ve been told they may have sold all the stock.’

As a result of Barrington leaving the company, JAG’s regional manager for Somerset and South Wales, Steve Cottey, has taken on the Taunton franchise and a new regional manager, Dominic Foster, has been appointed.

George recently told Mobile: ‘There is still plenty of interest around and we only have nine outlets left [until all the franchise stores are taken].’

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