NSH loses Nokia repairs contract

NSH loses Nokia repairs contract

Repairs company NSH has lost its Nokia repairs deal after the manufacturer restructured its service centres.

The move comes as Nokia scales down the system that provides after sales care to its customers.

The manufacturer has an established network of Nokia Care Points, where customers can take their phones under warranty to be repaired if they break. 

Until recently, the Care Points operated in a tiered structure between one and four, depending on the level of repair needed – with four being the highest level.

Nokia has completely dropped level three, and as a result has ended its relationship with level three repair company NSH, Mobile understands. Rival Regenersis has taken on the entire network of Care Points.

As a level three repairer, NSH was responsible for providing support to all 140 Nokia Care Points along with Regenersis.  

Nokia has also changed the process for repairers ordering parts to fix faulty phones. Repair centres must now order from a company based in Ireland, pay in Euros and place a minimum order of €100. All sites have also been asked to fully report their usage of all purchased parts.

Engineers said the manufacturer had introduced the changes to control how parts are used, in a bid to stop them being sold to non-attributed Nokia repairers.

One engineer said: ‘By taking control of the parts and with the changes to level three and four support – all business is being driven through level two Nokia Care Points.’

A Nokia spokesperson said: ‘Nokia Care continually reviews and ensures full optimisation of its repair network. It has taken certain steps to gain better visibility of the repair network usage of spare parts. This includes asking all Care Points to order spare parts directly from Nokia, rather than via a third party.’

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