3 adds traffic management to broadband

3 adds traffic management to broadband

3 is adding ‘traffic management’ to its mobile broadband, by prioritising email and web browsing over peer to peer (p2p) traffic at peak times.

The service will speed up the connection during busier periods, when the data network can get congested. It is thought that all the networks are looking at such a service.

A 3 spokesman said: ‘We’re building more capacity, capability and reach into our network every day. Customer experience drives what we’re doing and traffic management is an important part of that. In busy areas, at busy times, customers using mobile broadband can experience a slower service.

‘We’re taking steps that improve the web browsing, email and streaming experience on our network by making sure that the real-time experience gets the priority it deserves. In order to improve the service for the majority of our customers we are actively managing the amount of bandwidth made available for p2p file sharing at peak times in busy areas.’

Written by Mobile Today
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