Staff of unnamed mobile phone company sold customer data

Staff of unnamed mobile phone company sold customer data

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK privacy watchdog, is investigating staff at a mobile phone company for selling customer’s data.

The information was allegedly sold to other companies to cold call customers when their contract was due to expire.

The company alerted the watchdog about the practice and is now helping with the investigation.

The ICO’s team obtained search warrants to enter the premises of the company.

Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham (pictured) said he is planning to prosecute the staff involved and will be using the case to demonstrate that jail sentences are necessary in cases where personal data is sold.

He said: 'Many people will have wondered why and how they are being contacted by someone they do not know just before their existing phone contract is about to expire.

'We are considering the evidence with a view to prosecuting those responsible and I am keen to go much further and close down the entire unlawful industry in personal data.

But, we will only be able to do this if blaggers and others who trade in personal data face the threat of a prison sentence.'

The company can not be named as the investigation is still taking place.

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