Sales staff warn against Nokia N97 after software issues

Sales staff warn against Nokia N97 after software issues

Customers are being warned off buying Nokia’s flagship N97 handset by retail staff because of software problems.

Staff reluctance to sell the N97 deals another blow to the handset manufacturer, which has seen handset sales plummet over the past two years.

Vodafone telesales staff have been advising customers to buy the Nokia N97 mini in place of the N97.

One salesman told Mobile: ‘It has been discontinued because of a number of problems. The memory is too powerful for the phone. It tends to freeze and can take five minutes to load a picture. The Nokia N97 mini is a much better option.’

Vodafone’s internet site is also no longer selling the Nokia N97, which was only launched in July 2009.  

However, the N97 is still available for b2b customers.

A number of Phones 4u retail stores said they have stopped selling the N97. One store manager said: ‘We no longer sell that. We had too many complaints about it running slow, freezing and blacking out.’

A Nokia spokeswoman said: ‘It is absolutely not true [that the N97 has been pulled from sales in the UK].

‘We have had great feedback on the Nokia N97 and the software update 2.0 from both retailers and operators. We continue close collaboration with retail and operators for both the Nokia N97 and the N97 mini.’

She added: ‘Vodafone has sold the N97 since launch and will now offer the N97 mini moving forward. It’s usual practice for operators to align their range with our latest devices.’

A Vodafone spokeswoman said: ‘The Nokia N97 came to the natural end of the range and then we started selling the Nokia N97 mini.’

A Phones 4u spokeswoman said staff claims were ‘incorrect’, adding that there were ‘no plans to withdraw the model from sale’.

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