Price comparison site calls for ‘better testing’ by manufacturers

Price comparison site calls for ‘better testing’ by manufacturers

Consumers are being used ‘as guinea pigs’ by manufacturers, who are rushing to market with products that are not ready, a price comparison site said. said it has been ‘inundated’ with negative reviews and comments about Sony Ericsson’s Satio handset, which was withdrawn from Carphone and Phones 4u last week due to software issues.

The site said it had ‘questioned’ whether too many manufacturers are releasing mobile phones for sale before they are ready, in a bid to meet seasonal and marketing deadlines.

Many manufacturers can now send out updates in the same way that users receive updates on computers to fix technical problems, said the site. It added: ‘This has left many customers concerned that companies are leaving issues unresolved until after handsets are released for purchase, with the attitude that they can fix the problem at a later date.’ co-founder Neil McHugh, said: ‘The Sony Ericsson Satio has been a big talking point on our website, but for all the wrong reasons. It’s great that consumers can receive software updates after purchase, however it is unacceptable for the product not to be capable of its core functions and features at the point of purchase’

He added: ‘In situations such as this it would appear that consumers are used as guinea pigs, to run tests, diagnose faults and report issues.

‘Sony Ericsson will no doubt resolve the problems with a software update for the Satio very soon, I just wonder how the brand may have suffered in consumers mindsets through all this. This is really unfortunate, especially for Sony Ericsson, I think this has definitely highlighted the need for better testing within the mobile phone industry.’

A Sony Ericsson spokesman said: ‘Nobody ever sets out to launch a handset that has faults, there is zero value in it for anybody. Satio was extensively tested by us and our customers before it came to market.

‘To say we have “rushed it out” is unfair. The product has continued to sell well with our operator customers and there are a lot have happy customers out there. We are working on the fix and will be able to communicate more on that shortly, and we are sorry for anybody who is not happy with their experience.’

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