2010 predictions - Mark Bond, director of UK strategy and wholesale, Vodafone

2010 predictions - Mark Bond, director of UK strategy     and wholesale, Vodafone

The popularity of smartphones will continue as the range of handsets expands for both consumer and enterprise customers, and the iPhone becomes more widely available. Customers will choose to have even more of a 'mobile life', with services such as Vodafone 360 making it easier than ever to keep in touch. Social networking and other 'data focused' services will continue to rise dramatically.

Customers will demand ever-improving coverage from their network - not just in breadth, but the quality of the connection. They'll expect it to be consistently available as well.

Customers will also expect it to work in their home, and will continue to buy, and love, Vodafone's Access Gateway - a product that's the first of its kind anywhere in Europe - bringing more reliable 3G coverage indoors. We'll also see more businesses using the product, as it's ideal for boosting signal in the small office environment.

We'll see roaming pick up again, with customers venturing overseas. The battle to offer better value to the customer will reach fever pitch in the summer.

In the enterprise area, integrated services are top of the menu, with customers looking for Unified Communications (UC) solutions that will reduce costs while increasing working efficiencies. The indirect channel, with their close links to local businesses, will remain a significant route to this key segment.

We have launched two new products at Vodafone over the last 12 months - one for large businesses and one for SMEs - that are the first truly mobile centric UC solutions on the market. By fully integrating mobile as part of the UC landscape, we are making it genuinely possible for people to identify what their colleagues are doing - and the most effective way to contact them - whatever they are doing, wherever they are.

Vodafone One for large businesses and Vodafone One Net for SMEs really do bring the concept of 'presence' alive - and by doing so, UC suddenly becomes a much more powerful proposition - and one that the mobile dealer channel is much better placed to capitalise on.

Vodafone's focus will be to offer a great all-round customer experience, from our stores to customer care, to excellent value and network quality.

Finally, we'll see a number of organisations engaging in programmes such as World of Difference. The programme is giving 500 inspirational individuals the chance to get paid to work for a charity of their choice. Placements start across the country in January.
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