2010 predictions - Ronan Dunne, CEO, Telefónica O2 UK

2010 predictions - Ronan Dunne, CEO, Telefónica O2 UK
In 2010, the economy will remain a challenge, but the communications industry can take a collective leadership position to assist its recovery. The financial climate will continue to be tough, but the services we offer will play a key role in helping consumers and businesses through these difficult times. This includes working alongside businesses to help them realise real cost savings within their operations or offering products to help consumers budget wisely. Our O2 Money product is one example of this.

As always, the companies that will prosper will be those who are completely focused on their customers and who are only doing the things of true value. Financial performance should be a consequence of a carefully managed customer strategy. This includes building customer trust, which in turn gives you 'permission' to talk to them about other services. We started to do this through O2 Media, O2 Money and the O2 Joggler in 2009. This trend will continue as we move from a mobile to a services brand.

I also expect the machine to machine market to pick up as more interest for solutions is shown from areas such as the education, financial services and health sectors. If it isn't already, sustainability will be on everyone's agenda in 2010. The ICT industry has a critical role to play in helping the business sector and society as a whole reduce its environmental impact and carbon footprint. Our sector's impact is around 2% but
collectively, our services can lead to emission reductions that are five times that figure by 2020. This is an exciting prospect for us all.
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