2010 predictions - Iain Humphrey, MD, Shebang

2010 predictions - Iain Humphrey, MD, Shebang

2010 is all set to be another exciting ride for all in mobile!

The obvious point relates to the JV between Orange and T-Mobile. Others are likely to react and seek to grab share from the new number one at 38% of the market, while they will obviously be focused on retaining that position. This is likely to be good news for consumers on value.

The same cannot be said with the potential change in termination charges at some point in 2010. This could have a major impact on PAYG pricing due to the lack of incoming call revenue so long relied on by the networks. With pressure placed on the subsidy model here, along with the continued explosion of content, email, social networking and the like, PAYM is set to be the preferred route for many. There is however plenty of market still to be taken on PAYG broadband with truly converged devices starting to emerge now.

2010 will see further growth of new routes to market like the supermarkets, potentially good for consumer value but inevitably a challenge for some established players. Expect to see more casualties in the third party retailer space through the same period. To see this through will require ever greater focus on differentiated quality of service, with the right environment and advice that customers demand.

Shebang will concentrate on ensuring we remain aligned to the huge changes to come. We are well positioned through 2010 to continue providing the highest quality, best return customers for our supply partners. Likewise we will remain the champion of the independents, who will survive with the quality of our platforms which underpin connection quality for them.

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