Mobile retail chaos due to bad weather

Mobile retail chaos due to bad weather

Mobile retail shops are continuing to face problems due to the snow with many having to close this week.

The Carphone Warehouse 'help blog' has been regularly updated to inform customers of what stores are closed. Today (8 January), 19 stores out of 800 including Reading and Swindon stores, were closed as a result of the bad weather.

Carphone Warehouse shops were not the only ones affected. One T-Mobile staffer in the south west said: 'All of the stores in the area have been affected and had to close early or open late - Wednesday was the worst day.'

O2, Phones 4u, Orange, Vodafone and 3 have also faced similar problems.

An O2 spokesman said: As of [8 January] today, we've currently got 95% of stores opening on time. Earlier this week a handful of stores either opened late or closed early.'

Meanwhile, a report by the centre for economic business and research said: 'There will be a short term economic impact from the loss of productivity from those who might otherwise be working who are unable (or unwilling) to get to work, or who get to work and are less effective than they might otherwise be. GDP per working day in the UK is about £5bn, so if 20% of the population has zero productivity for the day, there is a loss of £1bn.

'The recession will also have an impact on how the weather effects feed through. Almost certainly this means that the effects on productivty will be mitigated.

'With very few businesses working at full capacity, it will be relatively easy for the lost productivity to be made up later in the week or in the month depending on how long the bad weather lasts.'


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