T-Mobile staff shocked by tariff refresh

T-Mobile staff shocked by tariff refresh
T-Mobile's move to halt its Combi and Flext its tariffs in February has surprised T-Mobile retail staff.

One staffer told Mobile: 'We have not had any information through to the stores yet. But, we still do plenty of Combi.'

Another staffer added: 'I have heard that there is a big shake-up happening in February. We don't do much Flext and probably do more of the Combi. But, with the Combi there is no flexibility because the customer has got to have unlimited texts even if they only send two text messages a month.'

Flext gives customers a certain amount of credit to spend each month in any way they want. The cheapest deal online is £40 per month which gives customers £225 worth of credit.

The Combi price plan gives customers a set amount of minutes and unlimited internet or text messages.
Written by Mobile Today
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Combi and Flext are still T mobile's popular tariff.Sounds like T mobile got more cheap and lucrative deals for there customers.
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