Fone Logistics' sister companies face being struck off

Fone Logistics' sister companies face being     struck off
Companies House is proposing to strike off Fone Logistics Handset Distribution and North Nelson - both sister companies of distributor Fone Logistics - for failing to file their 2008 accounts.
If the results are not filed within three months both companies will be struck off.
Fone Logistics chief executive Ian Gillespie insisted today that neither company was trading and pledged that the results would be filed 'within days.' He insisted there was 'no skullduggery' involved in the company's failure to file their returns.
Until October North Nelson was trading as Fone Logistics. Then in a complex transaction the firm was renamed North Nelson and all its assets and liabilities transferred into a new company called Fone Logistics.
Under the transaction Fone Logistics' 2008 accounts rest with North Nelson. Gillespie said: 'We are working with our Ernst and Young to get them filed within the week and that was always our intention.'
Gillespie added: 'Vodafone audited our books when they signed us up and they are happy and our other operators have novated their contracts from our old company to the new company so I think that proves we have nothing to hide.'
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