O2 investigates new cashback collapse

O2 investigates new cashback collapse
O2 is carrying out an investigation into cashback deals provided by Link Telecom Holdings, after the dealer went into administration prompting complaints from its customers.

Saltaire based Link Telecom Holdings is believed to have provided customers, including 15 schools in the Bradford area, with cashback deals on O2 mobile contracts. It is estimated that it still owes the schools £3m in total.

Several schools contacted O2 after the dealer went into administration to complain about the estimated money they are owed, prompting the investigation.

Link Telecom Holdings is part of a group of three companies, which includes ETC Communications and Voice Connections.

ETC Communications held the contract with O2 and the operator has now terminated its relationship with the company.

Link Telecom Holdings and Voice Connections have both gone into administration, and a restructure has taken place. ETC Communications is still trading, but under the name of Link Telecom.

MD Gary Fawcett sent out letters inviting representatives from each of the schools involved to a public meeting set to take place yesterday (20 January).

One local person said: 'There is a meeting taking place with the creditors including the schools. It will be an opportunity to get all of the people involved into one room and try to find a solution.'

An O2 spokesperson said: 'We are aware that Voice Connections Ltd - part of the Link Telecom group and affiliate of O2's now-terminated partner, ETC Communications Ltd, has gone into administration.

'This will affect some customers they connected to the O2 network, some of whom had entered into cashback agreements. We are currently in the process of identifying any O2 customers affected and we intend to resolve any complaints with the customers directly.'

Gary Fawcett and the schools involved were not available for comment.
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