Customers still love the iPhone

Customers still love the iPhone

Consumers have not fallen out of love with the iPhone, if Vodafone’s 100,000 sales figures after just one week are anything to go by.

Despite being available in the UK since the second quarter of 2007, customers are continuing to buy the phone in large numbers. There are a number of other smartphones available now that are as good, if not better in some ways, than the iPhone.

But none of them have the iPhone’s cachet – a real testament to the power of the Apple brand – its stylish good looks, ease of use and the powerful range of apps that no other manufacturer can yet match.

Vodafone is the fourth network to get the phone after O2, Orange and then Tesco just before Christmas 2009. Despite this, it has managed to sell 100,000 units. Vodafone’s official figures are divided into 50,000 pre-orders and a further 50,000 from retail sales since it began selling the device on 14 January.

Vodafone has taken a twin-track approach to marketing the iPhone. It is pushing the quality of its 3G network, which neatly calls attention to the problems O2 has had with its 3G network.

The network has also made a major push to sell the iPhone into the business community, despite its reputation as a very much a consumer phone. Vodafone has not released any figures of the breakdown between consumer and business sales, but has said demand from enterprise customers was high.

No official figures are available from Orange. However, sources say it is thought to have sold 30,000 iPhones in its first day (10 November 2009). It did have one disadvantage compared with Vodafone in that customers could not pre-order the Orange iPhone. Apple would not allow any pre-orders as it would have broken O2’s exclusivity period.

In contrast, Vodafone was able to take pre-orders in December 2009, some five weeks ahead of its 14 January launch date. Meanwhile, Orange is believed to have sold 200,000 iPhones since its November 10 launch, including upgrades.

O2 has not released iPhone sales figures, but has said that sales have held up since losing its exclusive contract in early November 2009.

In 2009, Apple is thought to have sold around 400,000 iPhones in the UK.

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