Billing services expert Convergys gives predictions for Mobile World Congress

Billing services expert Convergys gives predictions for Mobile World Congress


Convergence, a move into energy services and the need for networks to have real time actionable intelligence about customers are key themes for discussion at the Mobile World Congress in two weeks time, according to Patrick Bossert, director of strategy at global billing services expert Convergys.

‘There has been a lot of concern among our customers about where future revenue growth is going to come from in the mobile and cable market,’ said Bossert. ‘It is clear that the steady decline in revenue growth is going to continue. It is not just the recession, it is a structural problem. By 2013 growth in mobile services will be pretty much nil. Our tier one and two customers are looking at their models and systems and seeking to change them to find revenue growth.’

Convergence is a key area where providers are looking to find revenue to offset the decline in voice and text, according to Bossert, and not just service convergence, such as fixed line, mobile and broadband, but payment and multi-media convergence.

‘We may see telcos moving into utilities and energy. They are very good at bundling different tariffs with varying payment rates depending on the time of day and providing billing systems to handle that. Traditional energy companies are not good at that,’ said Bossert.

He argued that the opportunities for mobile networks go beyond using a Sim-enabled metering device to collect the energy use data. Telcos could add energy products and services to enhance their existing mobile retail operations to provide new lines of business.

On the enterprise side, Convergys customers are asking for better business billing systems that allow for hybrid accounts such as pre- and post-pay and separate personal and business billing within the same account structure.

‘We’ve had the capability to do that for some time, but it’s too complex a service proposition for most networks. But the pressure to make new revenues means they are having to re-evaluate that,’ said Bossert.

He also argues that the networks need to be looking at real time actionable intelligence. ‘Most telcos don’t know how profitable their services are, particularly at customer level. There is a lot more demand now to expose the profitability of each customer.

‘The networks need to start to look at the profitability mix of their customer base at a very granular level,’ said Bossert. ‘If they can identify what services customers are using the most and which make the networks the best profit, they can start pushing specific offers to them as real time promotions.’

Bossert points out that the networks need real time intelligence to make personalised services actionable. At the moment networks can capture data, but it can take up to six months to analyse it and then produce the service offerings.

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