Citrix and OK Labs to turn smartphones into virtual work desktops

Citrix and OK Labs to turn smartphones into virtual work desktops

Citrix Systems and Open Kernal Labs (OK Labs) today announced the arrival of the ‘nirvana phone’ reference architecture, which will allow users to access their work desktops and applications on a single portable device in any location. The two firms believe actual handsets will be available within 12 to 18 months.

The nirvana phone idea does away with the need for a PC in the office and a laptop on the road. Instead, workers will have a single portable device in the shape of their mobile phone. In the office the phone sits in a dock connected to a monitor to enable full-screen HD displays, with a full-sized keyboard and a mouse.

Away from the office or home users can get their usual access to personal applications and data, along with secure, controlled access to work applications and desktops hosted in the cloud or data centre.

The nirvana phone concept combines the mobile virtualisation solutions provided by Chicago-based OK Labs and the desktop virtualisation offerings produced Citrix Systems, which allow workers remote access to their office worktop systems and are already widely in use in over 100 countries.

OK Labs CEO Steve Subar, told Mobile: ‘The aim is to minimise the number of devices needed for work and personal use. We did research among IT professionals and enterprise uses about what they were looking for and it was the ability to access their work desktops on their mobiles, so they didn’t have to carry a laptop or net book around.’

Subar said the technology is now readily available and is being marketed to device manufacturers to create the next generation of smart devices and to UK and European network operators. ‘Nirvana phone devices will give operators the chance to increase the roll out of new services, broaden data usage and increase their revenue per user,’ said Subar.

‘Most of our virtualisation software is already built in to mobile handsets, but we can support pre-load and post-load, while the Citrix receiver software can be downloaded over the air,’ added Subar.


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