Ofcom backs operators' bid for greater 3G coverage

Ofcom backs operators' bid for greater 3G coverage

Moves to boost mobile phone coverage in the UK by increasing the power limits of operators’ 3G licenses are in the pipeline.

Ofcom has come out in in favour of UK operators topping up the power of their 3G base stations - subject to consultation - after considering an application from Vodafone.

The regulator has published a consultation document today and is calling for comments on the plans.

The key issues the consultation will address are whether the increase in power would create any significant interference on adjacent spectrum, whether it should be extended to all five operators and whether it should be extended to 2G base stations.

Although the application was made by Vodafone the other four UK operators have told Ofcom they also want to extend their 3G power limits.

Ofcom argues in favour of the extension, on the grounds that it will benefit consumers by giving better network coverage. The regulator also argues the extension in power will not cause any significant interference on other spectrums and will not breach the maximum permitted emission levels set by the International Committee for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

The deadline for responses to the consultation is 5pm on 19 March. Ofcom says it will publish its decision shortly after that date.

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