Mobile broadband speed claims 'unrealistic'

Mobile broadband speed claims 'unrealistic'

Operators could face Government legislation to curb their misleading claims over mobile broadband speeds, a broadband watchdog warned this week.

Broadband Genie called on networks to be more honest about the true speed of their mobile broadband services instead of making "unrealistic" claims.’

The call came after a survey of 6,000 mobile broadband speeds by the watchdog found the average mobile broadband speed went up just 0.2MB between January and December 2009, despite the majority of the mobile broadband suppliers claiming 'up to' speeds had increased significantly from 3.6Mbps to 7.2Mbps.

Failure to deliver on the promise of faster mobile broadband could drive consumers away from operators’ dongle products, Broadband Genie warned.

Broadband Genie commented: ‘Our tests show that the average has gone up across 2009 to an average closer to 1.1MB, but 'up to' claims have gone through the roof. The latest dongles are being advertised at anything up to 7.2Mbps, which is frankly ridiculous.’

It adds: ‘While the advertising doesn't lie – the dongles are capable of these speeds – the reality for customers is very different. The outcome can only be a huge swathe of disappointed punters who may be turned off of mobile broadband for good.’

Broadband Genie editor Chris Marling called on mobile broadband suppliers to be more honest with their customers, warning that their behaviour could result in yet more Government legislation to curb their claims. He added: 'Do we have to end up with another situation where the Government has to threaten the industry with legislation because they can't do the honourable thing without a hefty push?'

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