MWC: Orange launches Euro 2 for 2MB daily data roaming tariff

MWC: Orange launches Euro 2 for 2MB daily data roaming     tariff

Orange is to offer a daily roaming tariff of Euro2 for 2MB standardised across the EU. It will be rolled out across Europe from February 2010 and offered to existing customers on an opt-in basis.

Yves Maitre, VP of devices and multimedia at Orange, told Mobile: 'We are responding to the growth of multimedia and we are saying to customers you can now have a very affordable and simple tariff plan when you travel in Europe.

'When we looked at the statistics the average data usage is 41MB per month per user. For most of our customers that is less than 2MB a day. So this offer is totally aligned with our strategy for the mass market, it is not aimed a people who need access to a lot of data.'

The daily tariff, roughly equivalent to the price of a coffee, equates to around 80 to 100 emails (not attachments), 80 to 100 web pages or 15 to 20 images.

The Euro2 for 2MB Travel Data Daily roaming bundle was launched in Spain and Romania in 2009 and is now being rolled out in the UK, Poland, France, Slovakia, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium and Moldavia.

Orange is also offering iPhone customers in France a Euro5 for 10MB daily data roaming tariff. The tariff will be introduced into other countries later.

Maitre said: 'You have to apply online to use this tariff. When you reach your 2MB limit, you get an SMS or pop up warning. You can then top it up or switch to your existing data bundle.'

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