MWC: First day round up

MWC: First day round up


Clear winners and losers were emerging as the first day at Mobile World Congress came to a close.

The news from Nokia was that ‘there was no news’, according to one analyst. The manufacturer announced a new platform called MeeGo, confirming its services ambitions, and sealing its retraction from the manufacturer market.

Acer looked ‘a bit desperate’, after launching six new handsets, said analysts. The company is struggling in its core market of computers. One analyst said: ‘Acer appears to be throwing out as many smartphones as it can and seeing what sticks.’

Meanwhile, for Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Samsung, things were on the up. Motorola announced it would launch 20 smartphones this year, and unveiled the Backflip and the Quench. The manufacturer is also looking for retail partners in the UK, with Carphone looking to be a frontrunner.

Samsung launched its first Bada phone, the Wave, while Sony Ericsson launched its X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro versions.

Last night, 24 international operators announced a love-in in a bid to topple Apple off its perch astride the apps market.

The operators have come together, along with the GMSA, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and LG to create the Wholesale Applications Community, which aims to launch an open platform to deliver applications to all mobile phone users whatever handsets they are using.

However, some analysts are already pointing out flaws in the relationship.

Neil Mawston, analyst at Strategy Analytics, said: ‘Trying to get together more than 20 carriers with big egos in the same room to hammer out a difficult time consuming complex project like this is going to be a challenge, to say the least.’

Elsewhere in operator land, Vodafone made an app for use on Android phones, including non-Vodafone handsets, as it looks to make 360 an open platform. Analysts pointed to the weakness of 360, saying that the platform itself needed to be more open. 360 users can only communicate with each other, and are themselves limited in number.

Orange made a number of announcements today, including a new partnership with Microsoft for Windows 7, which will see the two come together for services such as Xbox Live – a clear move to take on Sony.

Meanwhile, contactless payments were given a welcome boost at the event, when industry body, the GSMA announced this morning that it was trialling contactless payments at MWC, with a number of partners including Samsung, as well as financial institutions.


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