MWC: Mobile data backup device launched

MWC: Mobile data backup device launched
UK firm Data Transfer & Communications has unveiled i-migo, a portable security device that automatically backs up data on a phone.

The device, small enough to put on a keyring, also notifies the user if their phone goes out of a 10m range of the i-migo.

Its patented Security Lock software secures the phone by locking it remotely as soon as it goes out of range. The phone will not unlock until it is brought back within range of the i-migo, preventing access to any data on the phone, as well as unauthorised use.

If the handset is not recovered, the i-migo can download all the data from the old phone onto the replacement handset with the use of a four-digit PIN number. The data can also be transferred to a computer to act as an additional security backup.

The i-migo costs £19.99, is compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled phone with SyncML, and lasts for 10 days between charges.

An 8MB device, which will hold numbers and SMS only, will be available in the UK from June 2010. A 16MB version, capable of backing up all music and photos as well, is due out before Christmas 2010.

The locking system works with most operating platforms, including RIM, Symbian and Android, and an Apple version is being developed.
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