MWC: Consumers can manage home energy use by mobile

MWC: Consumers can manage home energy use by mobile

Customers can control their home energy use and security via their mobile phone or broadband thanks to a smart system devised by Cambridge-based company AlertMe.

The company’s AlertMe Energy service was launched in October 2009. The system is controlled by a Nano Hub, which plugs into a broadband connection. A transmitter measures the home’s overall electricity usage via a self-installed meter reader that clips onto the electricity meter allowing the occupier to see exactly where, when and how the home is using energy.

The transmitter communicates wirelessly with the Hub, which in turn talks to the AlertMe service on the internet, so the householder can monitor and control the home’s energy usage anywhere in the world. AlertMe believe the system can help consumers save up to 25% on their energy bills, year on year.  

The system allows the occupier to analyse temperatures in different rooms in real time and automatically switch off appliances. ‘You can find out how much it cost to run your fridge, or turn your TV off remotely,’ said Ben Coppin.

AlertMe’s Security system allows owners to remotely manage lights, detect movement in the house and alarm sirens. If something occurs AlertMe will contact the occupier by text, email or voice call so they can react immediately.

In case of a power cut AlertMe automatically switches to battery power and GPRS and alerts the home owner.

Besides the hub, the security system comes with a variety of products such as keyfobs, which work like car keys, motion sensors for rooms, door and window sensors, which will tell you if anyone is trying to get in the house, alarms for smoke, carbon monoxide or freezers and a customisable button, which allows people to turn a smartplug on or off or cancel an alarm.

The Energy kit retails at £70 plus £3 per month subscription, while the Security kit retails at around £150.

AlertMe’s products are available via its website or through its main UK partner British Gas. Coppin said the company was talking to other distributors but could not say who as yet.


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