MWC: Sony Ericsson and Motorola plot comeback

MWC: Sony Ericsson and Motorola plot comeback
Sony Ericsson and Motorola took a bullish stance at this year's Mobile World Congress, with both announcing handset launches and aggressive 2010 strategies.

Motorola is pinning its hopes on Android with at least 20 smartphones set to launch across the globe in 2010.

A number of key products will receive a major marketing spend in the UK and Europe, including the Backflip and the Quench, announced this week (15 February).

Motorola is also working with Google on a 'direct consumer device'. It had largely withdrawn from the European market in 2009 until the launch of the Dext and the Milestone towards the end of the year. It is now also working on building up its retail relationships again, particularly with Carphone Warehouse, which it has worked with in the past.

Meanwhile, Sony Ericsson is reducing its portfolio and pushing five key product launches this year: the X10, X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro, Vivaz and Vivaz Pro.

Sony Ericsson MD Nathan Vautier told Mobile: '2010 is about a focused portfolio and customers driving our position. [It] will be a strong year.'

Sony Ericsson has been criticised for having too many models, which the manufacturer stressed has been reduced from 55 devices to 35 over recent months.

Sony Ericsson president Bert Nordberg admitted at the conference that the company had missed the window for high-end and touch-screen devices 'big time'.

Nordberg said that much of the manufacturer's recovery will be based on better design and closer work with its partner, Sony.

He said: 'In the past, there was no tie-up between us, the PSP platform and Sony, but you can expect to hear much more about that. Sir Howard Stringer's [chairman and CEO of Sony] presence here is no coincidence.

'We are focusing on the home environment. The TV, PC, stereo and mobile will have a common communications interface DLNA (digital living network alliance). I want to put my big foot in the home alongside Sony.'

2010 a 'huge year', says Sony Ericsson MD Nathan Vautier
2010 is a huge year for Sony Ericsson, particularly in the UK, MD Nathan Vautier told Mobile at MWC.

He added: '2009 was a transition year and we've faced a number of challenges that we've been working through in 2008 and 2009.

'This year is about a focused portfolio and customers driving our position. 2010 will be a strong year. We know it will be a volatile year - economically and in local markets. There will be things going on with convergence - two large operators merging and also with termination rates.

'But we have the portfolio, design and innovation to really deliver success this year.'
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