3 targets m2m market

3 targets m2m market

3 UK is targeting the machine to machine (m2m) market, forging a deal with aql, a mobile messaging and communication specialist, to provide m2m connections via the operator’s 3G network.

The deal will see aql re-selling access to the 3 UK network for connected devices.

3 is hoping to tap into the growing market for connected devices such as surveillance cameras, lone-worker safety devices and in-vehicle diagnostics.       

Under the deal, aql will aim to deliver 40 data partners in the first 12 months. Aql will also provide all integration and configuration outside of the 3 UK network. 

The two companies are also working with manufacturers to develop Sims with a greater lifespan and heat tolerance, as well as technology to allow easier embedding of Sims during the manufacturing process. 

David York, 3’s MVNO account manager, said: ‘As our network continues to grow we are looking for ways to capitalise on this ever-expanding footprint.’

He added: ‘We are working with aql because we believe they can help us expand our reach into this space and bring the benefits of our network to a variety of connected devices in the most effective manner.’  

Aql’s MD, Dr Adam Beaumont, said, ‘Our job is to provide the building blocks for value-added partners to go to market with and we see m2m as an expanding marketplace. 3 UK’s ongoing network expansion makes them a valuable partner for us because m2m access requires a fast and reliable data connection.’

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