O2's London network has improved, says survey

O2's London network has improved, says survey


O2 is ‘seeing the benefits’ of a £30m investment made before Christmas, after a survey showed the operator to have the fastest network in London.

The tests, taken in January 2010, found that O2’s network offers the fastest webpage access experience in London at 1.7 seconds – over 30% quicker than the slowest operator, according to testing company SIRODA.

Outside London, the fastest web speed was shared across all the big five networks.

O2 attributed improvements in its network speed to a £30m network investment in London before Christmas, exclusively revealed by Mobile, which saw it add 40 new masts.

O2 CTO Derek McManus said: ‘Our London customers are now seeing the benefits of the investment we made before Christmas, where we spend £30m delivering 40 news sites.

‘Outside London, where network quality is shown to be strong, we continue to scale our investment and have committed to deliver a further 1,500 sites by the end of this year, building ahead of the demand for data services.’

Data performance was measured by testing the time to access a webpage and the speed of downloading a typical music file. Cities covered included London, Bristol, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Newcastle.

The survey, commissioned by O2, was independently verified by the British Approvals Board for Telecommunications.

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