Google ad chief: Desktops will become ‘irrelevant’,

Google ad chief: Desktops will become ‘irrelevant’,


Desktops will be ‘irrelevant’ in three years’ time, John Herlihy, head of global advertising operations for Google said this week.

‘In three years’ time, desktops will be irrelevant,’ he said at a Digital Landscapes conference at University College in Dublin, adding that in Japan, ‘most research is done today on smartphones, not PCs’.

He added: ‘Mobile makes the world's information universally accessible. Because there's information and because it will be hard to sift through it all, that's why search will become more and more important.

‘This will create new opportunities for new entrepreneurs to create new business models - ubiquity first, revenue later.’

Herlihy said that the cloud computing opportunity will make sure that every mobile device will be capable of doing rapid-scale applications.

The comments echo those made by Google CEO Eric Schmidt at Mobile World Congress last month, when he outlined Google’s strategy as ‘mobile first’.

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