Job cuts hit Vodafone call centres

Job cuts hit Vodafone call centres

Tearful Vodafone employees were escorted from Vodafone's call centres in Warrington and Stoke today, immediately after being told their jobs had been cut, Vodafone staff claimed today.

Workers at both offices expressed their disgust at the treatment meted out to their redundant colleagues.

One employee wrote: 'A total shock to enter the building to find people in tears and being escorted from the premises. We are dumb-founded; we expect even more jobs to go and are angry at the lack of notice or consultation.'

Comments revealed that managers are the target of cuts at the call centres. One employee said: 'I would say escorting managers and advisors off premises that have worked loyally without fault for little pay like they were common criminals is bang put of order! These people have no hearts!'

Another call centre worker criticised Vodafone for not consulting staff earlier and for the heavy handed manner in which staff and their belongings were removed from the building.

The employee said: 'The managers were called into the office and whilst they were in there, their personal belongings where taken to reception without their knowing. Once they were told, they were escorted off the premises as if they had been fired! It's disgusting how Vodafone treat their staff after such a long time!'

Meanwhile telecoms union CWU added its voice to calls for greater clarity on where and how many jobs will be culled.

Andy Kerr, CWU deputy general secretary, said: 'Its regrettable that Vodafone is making these job losses and is certainly bad news for the companys staff.

'We're not sure that the current information coming from the company regarding redundancies is entirely accurate. There are rumours that jobs will be lost from Vodafone sites in Stoke and Warrington and these are both customer-facing operations, while Vodafone has implied that customer-facing roles will be expanded.

'We'd like to see greater clarity from the company on how this decision will affect staff, a willingness to explore redeployment opportunities and greater assurances about a voluntary approach to redundancies.

'We also encourage any staff affected by this decision to contact the CWU for support.'

' Vodafone spokeswoman confirmed that people may have been escorted out of the building, but this would have been after meeting and reaching an agreement with their managers. She added that a three month aftercare service was being provided for those who have been made redundant.
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