Vodafone slashes bonus payments at Warrington call centre

Vodafone slashes bonus payments at Warrington call    centre

Vodafone staff at the company's Warrington call centre will have their bonuses slashed as the operator continues its cost cutting drive.

The 150 staff at the call centre, who were told of the move yesterday, will lose a monthly sales bonus of 30% from 1 May this year.

A Vodafone staffer told Mobile: 'We have just been informed (in the ultra high value department based in Warrington) that we are having our monthly sales bonus of 30% taken away from 1 May 2010. 30% reduction in pay for the majority of staff here. Not a happy place.'

A Vodafone spokeswoman said: 'I can confirm that the bonus payments at Warrington are being removed so that our reward structure is fair and consistent.'

The news comes after the operator confirmed it would close six of its stores as part of the cost cutting plans.

The store closures include four Sainsbury's concessions, as well as a store in Sheffield and in Westgate, Oxford. Staff were informed of the decision in an email.

Vodafone announced it would make 375 redundancies yesterday, with the move exclusively revealed on Mobiletoday.co.uk on Monday.



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please check what vodaphone have done at there warrington call centre,to treat people this way,especialy long serving loyal employees is a sma ...
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