John Lewis needs to find its mobile niche

John Lewis needs to find its mobile niche


John Lewis’ move to stock  3 prepay handsets and broadband may be a sign that the retailer is finally realising the potential of the mobile market.

Commentators have long been waiting for John Lewis, which has a reasonable retail estate of 29 stores, to make a major move into mobile. Before the 3 deal, it only stocked a limited number of T-Mobile and Vodafone prepay products.

Such a move sees it going head to head with electronics retailers such as Currys – which has a growing number of Phones 4u concessions – as well as brands such as Argos, Asda and Tesco.

If John Lewis extends its mobile offering to its Waitrose, or sets up a concession deal there, it will really become a force to be reckoned with in the supermarket space.

High-end stores have never really found a niche in the mobile market. Selfridges has stocked smartphones, as well as Motorola’s £2,000 plus Aura device, but has not so far become particularly competitive.

But John Lewis has an impeccable reputation in the electronics space, and is thought of as a provider of good quality, and more importantly, good service.

With the ever increasing emergence of smartphones, it already has a niche it could move towards.

However, that would involve moving into contracts, and away from just prepay. It might also involve employing more staff.

John Lewis has the opportunity to shine in the mobile space. The question is whether it is ready to embrace the market and really put some effort in this time.

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JL used to sell Orange contract phones in the 90s. I bought my trusty Nokia Orange from them.
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